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LWF Releases Statement on BP Well Blowout

June 23, 2010 12:00 AM

The Louisiana Wildlife Federation, on behalf of the many Louisiana citizens - men, women and children who enjoy the beauty and bounty of the Sportsman's Paradise, has issued a  statement to unify its members in response to the BP well blowout and its environmental consequences.  The statement recognizes that the exploitation of energy resources and conservation of the ecosystem are inseparably linked and remain in tension - a tension between consumer demand and the pursuit of profits, and natural resource stewardship.  The quality of the environment and the quality of life for individuals, our local communities, and society as a collective whole will ultimately be determined by the outcome of this tension.  The statement proposes actions that must be taken to survive this event and make the environment, and therefore the people who depend on it, whole again. 

  •  Response
      - Stop the Bleeding; Stop the Damage
  •  Reparation
      - Research to Repair
      - Restoration: Mend the Habitat, Feed the System
      - Mitigation of Lost Opportunities
  •  Prevention & Preparedness for Preventing Damage if an Accident Occurs

We recognize that there are other ideas that will help to mitigate the damages to natural resources from this event and welcome suggestions going forward so that full reparation, restoration and recovery can be accomplished.

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