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2006 Conservation Legislation Introduced

April 1, 2006 12:00 AM

The Louisiana Wildlife Federation provides comprehensive monitoring of the legislative session each year and publishes a listing of those measures pertaining to natural resource conservation, environmental quality and outdoor recreation that are introduced.  That listing follows.  For the full text of bills and resolutions visit the Legislature's website at and enter and click on the bill/resolution # of interest.  From there, the status and history of each measure can be obtained.

House Bills and Resolutions

HB 1 by Alario.  APPROPRIATIONS.  Dept of Agriculture & Forestry - $94,835,964 ($28,792,499 general fund [GF]), 796 positions; Dept. of Culture, Recreation & Tourism: Office of State Parks - $27,211,699 ($25,270,181 GF), 398 positions; Dept. of Natural Resources: Atchafalaya Basin Program - $352,963, 4 positions; Office of Coastal Restoration & Management - $69,280,413, 145 positions; Dept. of Environmental Quality - $136,572,194 ($10,156,519 GF), 986 positions; Department of Wildlife & Fisheries - $90,435,950, 791 positions / 255 Enforcement Division ($21,211,950), 213 Office of Wildlife ($34,418,673), 225 Office of Fisheries ($22,228,249).

HB 2 by Hammett.  CAPITAL OUTLAY.  Provides for the capital spending of state government; includes $34,024,000 in Priority 1 (P1), $10,235,000 in Priority 2 (P2),  and 27,340,000 in Priority 5 (P5) bond funding for various acquisition, planning and construction projects (AP&C) for parks and other facilities administered by the Office of State Parks; $2,625,000 in P1, $1,000,000 in P2, $1,000,000 in P5 bond funding for AP&C for the Washington Parish Reservoir; $100,000 in P1, $250,000 in P2, $500,000 in P5 bond funding for AP&C for the Castor Creek-Little River Reservoir in LaSalle Parish; $2,000,000 in P1, $1,000,000 P5 bond funding for AP&C for the Poverty Point Reservoir in Richland Parish; $400,000 in P1, $500,000 in P2, $3,500,000 in P5 bond funding for AP&C for the Ouachita Water Supply Reservoir; $800,000 in P1, 1,000,000 in P2, $1,000,000 in P5 bond funding for AP&C for the Allen Parish Reservoir; $1,415,000 in P1, $500,000 in P2, $1,000,000 in P5 bond funding for AP&C for the Bayou Duchene Reservoir in Caldwell Parish;  $550,000 in P1 and $90,000 in P2 for Bayou Desiard Ecosystem Restoration in Ouachita Parish; $4,500,000 in P1, $5,000,000 in P2, and $4,000,000 in P5 bond funding for the Atchafalaya Basin Protection and Enhancement Program; $1,500,000 in P5 bond funding and $500,000 in state duck stamp funding, $500,000 in Rockefeller Funds and $1,000,000 in Wildlife Habitat & Natural Heritage Trust funds for wildlife habitat acquisition by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

HB 36 by Schneider.  FIREARMS/DISASTER.  Provides that declarations of emergency in response to a disaster or emergency do not authorize seizure or confiscation of a firearm otherwise lawfully possessed.

HB 49 by M. Strain.  REMOTE KILLING.  Prohibits taking, possessing or assisting in the take of an animal from a remote location with the aid of a computer or other device that allows the control and discharge of a firearm or other weapon by a person who is not physically present at the location of the weapon; applies to providers of such services and designates violations as Class Six.

HB 52 by Hammett.  REMOTE KILLING.  Same as HB 49.

HB 85 by T. Powell.  CRABS.  Changes the authority for appointing members of the Crab Task Force from the Governor to the Secretary of the LDWF.

HB 91 by Farrar.  NO WAKE ZONE/FISH DOCK.  Adds licensed commercial docking facilities where fish products are off-loaded to the list of areas where no-wake zones apply.

HB 172 by Martiny.  EMERGENCY/FIREARM SEIZURE.  Prohibits confiscation of lawfully possessed/transported firearms during a declared emergency.  Similar in intent to HB 36.

HB 190 by Martiny.  EMERGENCY/FIREARMS.  Allows governing authorities of political subdivisions to enact rules regarding the possession, sale and use of firearms that are more restrictive than state law for the duration of a declared emergency.

HB 336 by Montgomery.  TIMBER MANAGEMENT/STATE LANDS.  Authorizes the Commissioner of Administration to require management of timber on state lands such that mortality does not exceed growth; applies to all agencies managing state lands and encourages development of a land management plan for such lands.

HB 372 by Damico.  GROUNDWATER COMMISSION.  Reduces the required number of meetings of the Louisiana Groundwater Commission from 4 to 2 per year.

HB 402 by Damico.  E&P WASTE/DEQ.  Excludes exploration and production wastes from DEQ's voluntary investigation and remedial action program.

HB 484 by Dove.  BARRIER ISLAND RESTORATION/FUNDING.  Appropriates $25 million from the state general fund to the Barrier Island Stabilization and Preservation Fund.

HB 486 by McDonald.  MERCURY SWITCHES/DISPOSAL.  Requires DEQ and vehicle manufacturers to develop a mercury minimization plan that includes identification of those vehicles that contain one or more mercury switches and other steps to facilitate the removal and proper recycling/disposal of switches, including providing educational materials for vehicle recyclers on proper procedures, method of financing implementation of the plan including a $2.50 "bounty" to recyclers, and $2.50 to DEQ for each switch removed and recycled, and other specific details.

HB 498 by Barrow.  ENERGY CONSERVATION/GREEN BUILDING STANDARDS.  Provides for the application of "Green Building Standards" for certain public buildings and those built with public funds to conserve energy and costs and requires the creation of a Green Buildings Advisory Council. 

HB 511 by Damico.  SOLID WASTE REDUCTION.  Increases the state's solid waste reduction goal and generally cleans up and strengthens the current statute pertaining to solid waste reduction and recycling.

HB 568 by Smiley.  ADVISORY BOARDS.  Abolishes the Atchafalaya Trace Advisory Board and the Hunting and Fishing Education Advisory Council, among others.

HB 658 by Salter.  HODGES GARDENS.  Authorizes the Dept. of Culture, Recreation and Tourism to accept the donation of Hodges Gardens in Sabine Parish.

HB 702 by Odinet.  OYSTERS.  Authorizes the LWFC, in consultation with the Oyster Task Force, to extend the harvest season on public oyster seed grounds beyond April 1st. 

HB 760 by Scalise.  FIREARMS/EMERGENCY.  Similar to HB 172. 

HB 783 by Triche.  SNAKE REGULATION.  Requires the LWFC to control the importation and ownership of all nonindigenous constrictor snakes.

HB 795 by Triche.  BIG CAT REGULATION.  Requires the LWFC to control the importation and ownership of big exotic cats.

HB 802 by Frith.  OYSTERS/CALCASIEU & SABINE LAKES.  Authorizes the use of mechanical oyster dredges in Calcasieu and Sabine Lakes and authorizes the LWFC to set season closing dates and harvest limits in consultation with the Oyster Task Force.

HB 824 by Frith.  CROSSBOW/MECHANICAL RELEASE.  Authorizes hunters with qualifying disability and senior hunting license holders to use crossbows with scopes and mechanical bow releases when hunting.

HB 825 by St. Germain, et al.  EMERGENCY HUNTING/FISHING CLOSURE.  Authorizes the LDWF secretary to close or modify hunting and or fishing seasons/limits in an emergency.

HB 835 by Jack Smith, et al.  BOATING EDUCATION.  Modifies the penalty for a minor in violation of the requirement for boater safety certification.

HB 836 by Jack Smith, et al.  BOATING ACCIDENT REPORT.  Revises reporting requirements for accidents, crashes, collisions and casualties on the state's waterways. 

HB 837 by Jack Smith, et al.  LWFC/EMERGENCY.  Authorizes the chairman of the LWFC to cancel Commission meetings when the state is under an emergency declared by the Governor and authorizes the LDWF secretary to act on any items on the agenda of the canceled LWFC meeting and to take any other action necessary to protect the fish and wildlife resources until the next LWFC meeting.

HB 838 by St. Germain, et al.  AQUATIC PLANT CONTROL.  Adds to the list of prohibited invasive, noxious aquatic plant species, strengthens the authority of the LDWF in regulating their importation and possession, authorizes listing additional prohibited plants by rule, and raises the penalty for violation to a Class 4.

HB 839 by St. Germain.  SOFT CRABS.  Eliminates the special license to shed soft shell crabs and requires shedding facilities to have a wholesale/retail dealers license.

HB 840 by St. Germain, et al.  FRAUDULENT HUNTING.  Makes use of another person's hunting license a Class 3 violation.

HB 842 by Damico.  DEQ FEES.  Authorizes an increase in fees collected by DEQ.

HB 843 by Damico.  SOLID WASTE FEES.  Authorizes DEQ to collect a fee of $1 per ton of solid waste deposited at disposal facilities, not to exceed $150,000 per facility.

HB 851 by Damico.  ENVIRONMENTAL EVALUATION.  Authorizes DEQ to promulgate rules governing performance of requested reviews of environmental conditions on immovable property and to determine if environmental media is hazardous, including fees of up to $3,000 per evaluation.

HB 870 by Damico.  EXPEDITED PERMITTING.  Provides for charging additional fees for expedited permit processing. 

HB 877 by Damico.  CONSTRUCTION WASTE FEES.  Authorizes DEQ to collect a fee of $1 per ton of construction or demolition debris deposited at a facility. 

HB 891 by St. Germain.  LARGEMOUTH BASS TAG.  Creates a largemouth bass prestige license plate for $26 per 2 years and $3.50 handling fee; the net funds so raised will be deposited in the "largemouth bass account" in the Conservation Fund and dedicated to raising and stocking Florida bass in Louisiana.

HB 970 by Jack Smith.  WASTE HAULERS.  Waves permit requirements for transporters of hazardous waste commingled with construction or demolition debris who are acting pursuant to a contract with a state or federal agency or political subdivision until March 1, 2007.

HB 1052 by Jack Smith.  MANDATORY BOAT/VESSEL TITLING.  Requires that all motorized boats and vessels required to be numbered and registered that are of model year or manufactured/built in 2001 or later (except for those vessels with a certificate of documentation from the US Coast Guard) be titled by the State under the authority of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for a fee of $18.50.

HB 1053 by Daniel, et al.  HUNTING/FISHING LICENSE FEE INCREASES.  Authorizes the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission to promulgate increases to hunting, fishing, motorboat and all other fees charged by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and LWFC based on the Consumer Price Index for urban consumers, provided that no individual fee increase can exceed the amount of the fee in effect on July 1, 2006 by more than 100%.

HB 1054 by Jack Smith, et al.  BONUS DEER TAGS.  Authorizes the LWFC through the LDWF to issue one "bonus" buck deer tag per hunter per season for a fee of $25 to take an additional buck in excess of the season limit and an unlimited number of "bonus" doe tags for a fee of $20 per tag to take doe deer in excess of the season limit; designates the revenue so generated to fund the deer and turkey tagging program.

HB 1059 by Thompson.  REMOTE HUNTING.  Same as HBs 49 and 52.

HB 1060 by J. R. Smith.  ACTIVE MILITARY FAMILY H & F LICENSE.  Makes the spouse and children of Louisiana residents who are on active military duty eligible for the $5 active duty military hunting and fishing license provided they are Louisiana residents.

HB 1066 by Dove.  COASTAL PASSES.  Requires the deposit of an amount of federal revenues received by the state for coastal restoration necessitated by the impacts of hurricanes Katrina and Rita into the Coastal Passes Restoration and Stabilization Fund.

HB 1068 by Thompson.  CATFISH.  Designates 7 species of catfish that can be sold in the state and prohibits the possession and sale of all other species of catfish.

HB 1069 by Thompson.  CATFISH.  Defines catfish as 7 species in the genus Ictalurus (punctatus, furcatus, catus, natalis, nebulosus, melas and pylodictis olivaris).

HB 1086 by Dove.  BARRIER ISLANDS.  Requires the Department of Natural Resources to submit an annual report on the status of all barrier islands and to require all barrier island stabilization and preservation projects to include the establishment of a minimum dune height of 8 feet.

HB 1104 by Damico.  DEQ PERMITS.  Shortens the time allowed for completeness reviews of DEQ permit applications from 110 to 60 days, and from 410 to 210 days on final permit decisions.

HB 1105 by Daniel.  COASTAL FOREST CONSERVATION.  Specifically includes the conservation and restoration of coastal forested wetlands within the responsibility of the Office of Coastal Restoration and Management in the Department of Natural Resources.

HB 1112 by Thompson.  RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Requires that by Dec. 1, 2008, at least 2 percent of all energy sold or offered for sale in Louisiana be generated from renewable energy sources; defines such sources and provides for exceptions.

HB 1139 by Pitre.  OILFIELD CLEANUP.  Similar to SB 462.  Establishes primary agency jurisdiction and the process to be followed for establishing responsibility for and restoring sites contaminated by oil and gas development activities, surface mining and injection wells, oil spills, and agriculture and forestry activities, and for addressing claims for environmental injury due to contamination/damage to such sites.

HB 1145 by Jack Smith.  CRAWFISH TRAP TAG.  Provides for a voluntary trap tagging program for crawfish traps used to take wild crawfish; further prohibits possession or tinkering with properly tagged crawfish traps by anyone but the licensed owner of the trap or his designee.

HB 1155 by Smiley.  WETLAND DEFINITION.  Defines isolated wetlands as wetlands not connected to a navigable waterway or that do not have a significant nexus to a navigable waterway and excludes the deposition of dredged or fill material in such isolated wetlands from regulation by state or local governing authorities.

HB 1161 by St. Germain.  SHAD FISHING.  Authorizes the use of unattended nets overnight for fishing for shad in Lakes Palourde and Verret from Nov. 1, 2006 to Mar. 31, 2007.

HB 1177 by Daniel.  OILFIELD CLEANUP.  Clarifies and establishes procedure for the remediation of contamination and damages to land and water caused by the exploration and production of mineral resources regulated by the Department of Natural Resources to ensure that damaged sites are cleaned up to standards adequate to protect public health and safety.

HB 1210 by LaFonta.  LITTER/ROOFING NAILS.  Adds roofing nails to the list of materials that constitute litter, and gross litter when improperly discarded. 

HB 1226 by John Smith (by request).  CROSSBOW/GUN SEASON.  Authorizes the use of crossbow gear to take deer during the open deer season when modern firearms are allowed to be used.

HB 1229 by Baudoin.  DEER STAND/STATE LAND.  Prohibits the placement of or hunting from a permanent deer stand on state land and requires that portable stands be removed from the tree/laid on the ground and tagged with the owner's I. D. if they are to be left overnight on state land. 

HB 1231 by Walker.  NATIONAL GUARD HUNTING & FISHING LICENSE.  Provides for a $50. annual resident sportsman's license for active and inactive members of the Louisiana National Guard.

HB 1242 by Baldone.  STATIONARY SHRIMP NETS.  Allows the use of a stationary shrimp net within 1,000 feet of another if the net is deployed on the opposite bank of the waterway. 

HB 1249 by Odinet.  OYSTER LEASES/COASTAL RESTORATION.  Makes oyster leases subservient to coastal restoration, conservation and protection and provides for the acquisition of oyster leases impacted by such projects and the compensation of lease holders by DNR.

HB 1303 by Richmond.  NEW ORLEANS EAST LANDFILL.  Prohibits DEQ from permitting a landfill in New Orleans East.

HB 1348 by Pitre.  COASTAL DAMAGE AWARDS.  Requires that all damages and payments awarded in any civil action for evaluation, mitigation or remediation of damage to coastal lands that threatens natural resources or public health and safety be paid into the registry of the court and used for the evaluation, mitigation, remediation for which the award or payment is made.

HCR 29 By Odinet.  OYSTERS.  Suspends the April closures of the oyster harvesting seasons until 60 days after adjournment of the 2007 Regular Legislative Session.

HCR 34 by Gary Smith.  CIGARETTE LITTERING.  Directs DEQ in cooperation with Keep America Beautiful to conduct an educational campaign to prevent cigarette littering (butts, package wrappers, match books, disposable lighters, etc.).

HCR 35 by Hammett.  YOUTH HUNTING & FISHING.  Commends the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for its youth hunting and fishing programs and urges the LDWF to continue and expand them.

HCR 38 by Hutter.  MRGO.  Memorializes Congress to close the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet and requests the Louisiana Congressional Delegation to file legislation to do so.

HCR 49 by Dove.  BARRIER ISLANDS.  Urges the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority to increase the focus on the restoration of barrier islands in the overall plan for coastal restoration and hurricane protection.

HCR 57 by Farrar.  KISATCHIE DOG TRAINING.  Requests the US Forest Service to continue to allow the training of hounds on the Kisatchie National Forest betweem March1 and Sept. 1.

HCR 61 by Geymann.  HUNTER EDUCATION.  Urges the LDWF to consider raising the age at which youths can receive hunter safety certification and be eligible to hunt without supervision; further to encourage parental participation in the safety training course and youth hunting activities. 

HCR 62 by Dove.  BARRIER ISLANDS.  Urges Congress to amend the Stafford Act to allow emergency funds to be used to restore and stabilize barrier islands.

HCR 70 by Durand.  LAKE PEIGNEUR WELLS/DNR PERMITS.  Urges the Department of Natural Resources to deny permits for brine extraction and saltwater disposal well on the Jefferson Island Salt Dome in Iberia and Vermilion Parishes.

HCR 80 by Jefferson.  HURRICANE PROTECTION.  Directs the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority to study technologies and strategies to protect coastal communities using an integrated system of water management and hurricane protection.

HCR 109 by Odinet.  FISHERIES RECOVERY.  Urges Congress to adopt an amendment proposed by NOAA to an emergency supplemental funding bill to provide funding for post-hurricanes fishery recovery.

HCR 136 by LaFonta.  OILFIELD CANAL MITIGATION PLAN.  Cites the implications of energy development and transportation canals in the loss of coastal wetlands and their contribution to adverse impacts to the ecosystem and coastal communities from Gulf storms; urges the LSU School of the Coast and Environment to develop a comprehensive plan to mitigate the adverse effects of those canals; and suggests that the development of the plan be funded by oil and gas development companies and energy pipeline companies active in the state.

HCR 137 by Dove.  RIVER DIVERSIONS.  Urges the operation of Mississippi River diversions as close to their capacity as possible. 
HCR 158 by Fannin & Sen. Kostelka.  CANEY LAKE MANAGEMENT PLAN.  Urges the LDWF to develop and implement, with input from the local community, a 10-year management plan for Caney Lake in Jackson Parish, such plan to consider aquatic vegetation management, harvest management regulations, water quality and other factors. 

HCR 227 by Walsworth.  OUACHITA RIVER POLLUTION.  Urges the participation of the pertinent Louisiana agencies in commenting on and monitoring the proposed El Dorado (Arkansas) Wastewater Effluent Pipeline that would pump municipal and industrial wastewater into the Ouachita River.

Senate Bills and Resolutions

SB 27 by Dupre.  COMPENSATION/COASTAL PROTECTION & RESTORATION.  Constitutional amendment limiting compensation for taking or damages to private property due to coastal protection and restoration projects to fair market value.

SB 30 by McPherson.  PUBLIC HUNTING/FISHING LAND.  Requires that there be no net loss of public lands available for public hunting and fishing based on the public land/water available for such activities on August 15, 2006.

SB 57 by Fontenot.  NOISE POLLUTION.  Repeals the authority of DEQ to regulate noise pollution.

SB 64 by Dupre.  COMPENSATION/COASTAL PROTECTION & RESTORATION.  Enabling legislation for SB 27.

SB 65 by Dupre.  LWFC/EMERGENCY.  Same as HB 837. 

SB 93 by McPherson.  FIREARMS/EMERGENCY.  Prohibits the confiscation of firearms during an emergency unless unlawfully possessed or being unlawfully used.

SB 146 by McPherson.  TURKEY BAITING.  Clarifies the law prohibiting the hunting of turkeys over bait by prohibiting hunting turkeys within 300 yards of a "baited"area.

SB 148 by McPherson.  VOTER REGISTRATION/HUNTING LICENSE VENDOR.  Provides for voter registration via application for a hunting license at all locations where hunting licenses are sold in the state.

SB 149 by McPherson.  SPECKLED TROUT/GAMEFISH.  Designates red drum and spotted seatrout gamefish and includes spotted seatrout along with red drum as species for which commercial harvest is prohibited; provides for the use of pompano strike nets to commercially harvest underutilized species including black drum, sheepshead and flounder, and requires the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission to promulgate rules for the strike net fishery for these underutilized species.

SB 162 by Ellington.  CATFISH LIMIT/RECREATIONAL NET.  Allows a person fishing with a wire net under a recreational gear license to keep/possess up to 25 undersized catfish.

SB 163 by Cain.  ACTIVE MILITARY DEPENDENT H & F LICENSE.  Provides that a dependent of an active military personnel who is a nonresident can purchase hunting and fishing licenses at the same fees that resident licenses are issued for; further provides that a dependent of active military personnel who is a resident is eligible to purchase the same $ 5 license available to all active military personnel for all hunting and fishing in Louisiana. 

SB 171 by McPherson.  REMOTE/INTERNET HUNTING.  Similar to HBs 49, 52, and 1049.

SB 172 by Fontenot.  HAZARDOUS MATERIALS/EMERGENCIES.  Authorizes DEQ to promulgate rules that require additional reporting requirements for various hazardous materials during an emergency.

SB 173 by Fontenot.  HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSAL CAPACITY.  Requires DEQ to evaluate the volume and types of hazardous waste managed in the state by Jan. 1, 2007 and to determine the sufficiency of hazardous waste management capacity in the state as well as to provide for sufficient capacity that can be anticipated to be needed in an emergency; further, deletes the 15% overcapacity limitation on hazardous waste management capacity in the state.

SB 209 by Fontenot.  DEQ GENERAL PERMITS.  Authorizes DEQ to issue general permits and particularly in lieu of 180-day permits for temporary air emissions.

SB 229 by Dardenne.  COASTAL RESTORATION/PROTECTION.  Constitutional amendment expanding the use of the Coastal Restoration fund to include coastal protection and related infrastructure.

SB 250 by Fontenot.  DEQ PERMITS.  Same as HB 1104.

SB 292 by Fontenot et al.  EXEDITED PERMITTING/DEQ.  Authorizes DEQ to promulgate rules for an expedited permitting process program.

SB 309 by Marionneaux.  OILFIELD RESTORATION.  Establishes the liability of a mineral lessee to repair any environmental damage and restore the surface of the land under lease.

SB 315 by Marionneaux.  ATCHAFALAYA BASIN PROGRAM.  Prohibits expenditure of funds for the Atchafalaya Basin Program outside the boundaries of the Atchafalaya Basin as defined by R. S 30: 2000.2(1).

SB 329 by McPherson.  HUNTER EDUCATION DEFERRAL.  Provides for a one-time, 30- day, hunter education certification deferral at a cost of $10 for persons 16 and over who are hunting in the company of a person 18 years of age or older who has a valid hunting or hunter education certification.

SB 334 by Marionneaux.  OILFIELD RESTORATION.  Similar to SB 309 , but specifies that the restoration obligation applies even thought he mineral lease may still be in effect.

SB 363 by Adley.  MANDATORY MOTORBOAT INSURANCE.  Requires proof of liability insurance to register a motorboat/vessel and specifies minimum coverage that must be obtained based on size/class of boat.

SB 367 by Amedee.  FIREARMS/PRIVATE PROPERTY.  Prohibits employers from prohibiting storage of firearms in locked vehicles on their property.

SB 409 by Fontenot.  SOLID WASTE RECYCLING.  Modifies the deadlines and reporting requirements of the state's solid waste reduction law.

SB 416 by Murray.  OILFIELD RESTORATION.  Nullifies indemnity of sublessees against obligation to clean up oilfield production sites.

SB 462 by Kostelka.  ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION.  Establishes a process for determining clean-ups of contaminated/damaged sites including identifying responsible parties, funding for assessments and development of clean-up plans, extent of remediation required, all based on current laws and regulations governing those activities responsible or alleged to be responsible for causing the damage/contamination, and limits liability for costs of remediation if contamination/damage occurred while operator was in compliance with laws and regulations applicable at the time of alleged damage/contamination; exempts oilfield production activities regulated by DNR from remediation of usable groundwater requirements.

SB 558 by Ellington.  CATFISH.  Same as HB 1069.

SB 583 by Fontenot.  DEBRIS MANAGEMENT.  Requires DEQ to develop a management plan for debris created by natural disasters with priority given to recycling/composting, volume reduction, weight reduction, and use of woody material in coastal restoration projects.

SB 594 by Shepherd.  LANDFILLS.  Prohibits DEQ from permitting construction and debris landfills in Orleans Parish, including those operating under a declaration of emergency.

SB 615 by Fontenot, et al.  MERCURY RISK REDUCTION.  Creates the Mercury Risk Reduction Act to require the labeling of mercury containing products and the ultimate phase out of the sale and use of those products in Louisiana; further provides for the proper disposal and recycling of mercury-containing products and regulation of the use of mercury and mercury-containing products in the state.

SB 635 by Dupre.  COASTAL PROTECTION CONSISTENCY.  Establishes policy that any government body undertaking, conducting or supporting activities inside or outside the coastal zone that affects any land or water use or natural resource of the coastal zone shall ensure that such activities are consistent with coastal protection and restoration, and further, that such government bodies shall consider the sustainability of any such activities.

SB 655 by Adley.  OILFIELD CLEANUP.  Similar to HB 1177.

SB 664 by Dupre.  COASTAL RESTORATION/MINERALS.  Authorizes the DNR secretary to enter into agreements regarding mineral ownership with the owners of land that is acquired by government or qualified private non-profit land conservation organizations for the purposes of coastal restoration and protection.

SB 676 by Hines & Rep. Walker.  ATCHAFALAYA BASIN BOUNDARY.  Expands the legal boundary of the Atchafalaya Basin north of US Hwy. 190 to include Simmesport and the area described in the Atchafalaya Basin Floodway System, Louisiana Project.

SB 683 by Fontenot.  SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT CAPACITY.  Directs DEQ to evaluate the solid waste stream in the state and inventory the permitted solid waste disposal capacity in the state and insure that sufficient permitted disposal capacity is available to accommodate the normal waste stream and additional waste generated by emergencies and other in-state waste sites.

SB 694 by Adley.  DUCKS/HUNTING LICENSE FEES. Makes the allocation of 10% of revenues from the sale of basic hunting licenses to the development and preservation of breeding grounds for migratory waterfowl optional rather than required as per present law.

SB 702 by Butch Gautreaux.  OILFIELD CLEANUP.  Sets forth a procedure for the clean-up of land and water contaminated by oilfield activities and requires that money awarded for a judgement to restore the contaminated property be used solely for that purpose.

SB 714 by Shepherd.  ORLEANS EMERGENCY LANDFILL PROHIBITION.  Prohibits Orleans Parish from authorizing, approving or permitting the location of a Type III construction and demolition solid waste disposal facility in Orleans Parish.

SB 718 by Chaisson, et al.  NEW ORLEANS AREA LANDFILL ASSESSMENT.  Directs the DEQ secretary to assess the capacity of Types I, II, & III permitted landfills in St. Bernard, St. Charles, Orleans, Jefferson and Plaquemines Parishes to accept anticipated construction and demolition debris resulting from the hurricanes and to prohibit the permitting of any new landfills to accept such debris if current permitted capacity in those parishes, collectively, is sufficient to dispose of the anticipated debris.

SCR 16 by McPherson.  SPOONBILL CATS.  Urges the LWFC to allow for the incidental take of paddlefish by recreational fishermen.

SCR 17 by Murray.  FIREARM RETURN.  Directs law enforcement authorities in the New Orleans area that seized lawfully-possessed firearms during the hurricane emergency to develop and implement a plan to return them to their owners.

SCR 20 by Schedler.  COMPUTER RECYCLING.  Requests a joint study committee of the House and Senate Committees on the Environment to investigate and make recommendations on the recycling and proper disposal of used computers and related electronic equipment.

SCR 59 by McPherson.  DRAKE'S CREEK/SCENIC RIVERS.  Nominates Drake's Creek in Vernon Parish for evaluation for suitability for inclusion in the Louisiana Natural and Scenic Rivers System.

SCR 68 by Barham.  PRESCRIBED FIRE COUNCIL.  Establishes the Louisiana Prescribed Fire Council within the Department of Agriculture and Forestry to promote the use of prescribed fire to manage and improve the health and habitat of forests and other ecosystems where appropriate.
SCR 82 by Barham.  OUACHITA RIVER POLLUTION.  Urges the DEQ secretary to monitor and participate in the activities with respect to the proposed El Dorado (AR) Wastewater Effluent Pipeline to the Ouachita River that will adversely impact the quality of the Ouachita River in Louisiana.

SR 115 by McPherson.  PUBLIC LANDS/WATERBOTTOMS.  Directs the State Land Office to make accessible to the public information on the inventory of state water bottoms, including access to any maps or interactive programs showing public lands or waterbottoms pursuant to SCRs 24 & 25 of 2004 and SCR 115 of 2005.


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