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2009 Legislative Report

May 25, 2009 12:00 AM

The Louisiana Wildlife Federation provides comprehensive monitoring of the regular legislative session each year and publishes a listing of those measures pertaining to environmental quality, outdoor recreation, and natural resource conservation and management and related recreational and commercial uses, that are introduced.  That listing follows.  It will be periodically updated as additional related measures are filed.  For the full text of bills and resolutions visit the Legislature's website at and enter and click on the bill/resolution # of interest.  From there, the current status and history of each measure can be obtained.

House Bills and Resolutions

HB 1 by Fannin.  APPROPRIATIONS.  Governor's Office of Coastal Activities - $1,948,463 (13 positions); Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism, Office of State Parks - $16,168,503 (General Fund[GF]-$14,196,985), plus $11,817,051 Federal Stimulus Funds (371 positions); Louisiana Department of Natural Resources/Atchafalaya Basin Program - $341,778 (2 positions), Office of Technology Assessment - $5,324,678 (18 positions), DNR Auxiliary Account for promoting energy efficiency - $14,036,852, Office of Conservation - $12,929,069 (127 positions), Office of Coastal Restoration & Management - $153,827,645 (159 positions); Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality - $141,597,002 (GF- $5,432,289) plus $6,757,145 federal hurricane recovery funds (944 positions); Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries - $107,551,039 [plus $62,349,314 federal hurricane/fishery recovery funds] (783 positions): Enforcement Division - $25,353,488 (257 positions), Office of Wildlife - $40,130,948 (211 positions), Office of Fisheries - $28,791,571 (224 positions).  Note: of the proposed LDWF budget, the Conservation Fund contributes $66,150,205 and federal funds, most from federal aid in wildlife and sport fish restoration programs, account for $18,501,525.

HB 2 by Greene.  CAPITAL OUTLAY.  Provides for the capital spending of state government; includes $35,730,000 in Priority 1 (P1) and 8,635,000 in Priority 5 (P5) bond funding for various study, acquisition, planning and construction projects (AP&C) and $5,700,000 for maintenance and repairs for state parks and preservation areas administered by the Office of State Parks; $2,625,000 in P1, bond funding for AP&C or the Washington Parish Reservoir; $100,000 in P1 bond funding for the Castor Creek-Little River Reservoir in LaSalle Parish; $1,500,000 in P1 bond funding for AP&C for the Poverty Point Reservoir in Richland Parish; 400,000 in P1 bond funding for the Ouachita Water Supply Reservoir; $800,000 in P1 bond funding for AP&C for the Allen Parish Reservoir; $1,415,000 in P1 and $1,000,000 in P5 bond funding for AP&C for the Bayou Duchene Reservoir in Caldwell Parish; $12,330,000 in P1 and $670,000 in P5 bond funding for the Atchafalaya Basin Program; $5,905,000 to LDWF for construction of the Minden District Office, the East End Boat Launch at Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge and purchase of a warehouse to store aquatic vegetation control equipment/material. 

HB 32 by Foil.  ALTERNATIVE ENERGY TAX CREDIT.  Extends the state income tax credit for purchase and installation of a wind or solar energy system (now available to residential property owners) to business and commercial property owners; the credit is equal to 50% of up to $25,000 of cost.

HB 39 by H. Burns.  LASER SIGHTS/PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED HUNTERS.  Authorizes the use of laser sights on weapons used by persons holding a physically-challenged hunter permit whose eyesight is permanently uncorrectable at 20/200 or worse, to take deer or turkey and that such permitted hunters must be accompanied by a licensed hunter.

HB 44 by LaFonta, et al.  FIREARM DISCHARGE AT PUBLIC EVENTS.  Creates the crime of discharging a firearm at a public event; makes exceptions including for licensed hunters on public hunting areas.

HB 51 by Leger.  ALTERNATIVE ENERGY TAX CREDIT.  Extends the state income tax credit for purchase and installation of a wind or solar energy system (now available to residential property owners) to business and commercial property owners and increases it to 50% of the first $100,000 in cost; caps the aggregate tax credit from the state that is available in any calendar year at $25 million.

HB 85 by Dixon.  ALTERNATIVE ENERGY TAX CREDIT.  Similar to HB 32.

HB 86 by Labruzzo.  ALTERNATIVE ENERGY TAX CREDIT.  Similar to HBs 32 & 85 but provides also for the transfer of such tax credits.

HB 97 by Gisclair.  MOTORBOAT NUMBERS.  Changes the definition of motorboat so that documented recreational and commercial fishing motor vessels do not have to also purchase and display state-issued vessel identification numbers; provides for reimbursement of the cost of acquiring the state numbers for those documented vessels that purchased such numbers in compliance with Act 35 of the 2008 Regular Session. 

HB 98 by Danahay.  SHRIMP SKIMMERS/CALCASIEU LAKE.  Authorizes the use of skimmers at night throughout Cameron Parish, except in Calcasieu Lake.

HB 109 by Billiot.  VIDEO TAX/OUTDOOR EDUCATION.  Proposes the "No Child Left Indoors Act" which would impose a one percent tax excise tax at the retail level on the lease, or rental of televisions, video games, or video game equipment to fund educational programs and activities to mitigate the effects of childhood obesity and to benefit individuals with developmental disabilities; create a fund from which twenty-five percent of the monies shall be used to develop curriculum-based programs for teachers to use on public lands and parks and at other outdoor learning sites for outdoor education initiatives, to develop hands-on teaching materials for children for use in outdoor education programs, to provide transportation for children to experience outdoor education programs, to provide substantial and frequent outdoor experiences for children, and to increase nature-oriented physical programs for school-age children, and seventy-five percent of the monies from the fund shall be used for the development, construction, operation, and maintenance of parks and outdoor recreation areas for individuals with developmental disabilities to enable them to gain access to outdoor activities; the fund and program would be administered the Department of Health & Hospitals.  (WITHDRAWN) 

HB 110 by J. H. Smith, et al.  ALTERNATIVE FUEL VEHICLE TAX CREDIT.  Expands the coverage and increases amount of the tax credit for alternative fuel vehicles and alternative fuel conversions.

HB 162 by S. Jones & Champagne.  LAKE FAUSSE POINT.  Creates the Lake Fausse Point and Grand Avoille Cove Advisory Board within the Dept. of Natural Resources to make recommendations for the preservation, restoration and enhancement of the Lake Fausse Point and Grand Avoille Cove and the development of recreational opportunities in the area.

HB 172 by McVea.  TURKEY SEASON.  Requires that, on private land in the state south of a line formed by the northern boundaries of Vernon, Rapides, Avoyelles and Pointe Coupee Parishes, the wild turkey hunting season will open no later than March 15th and run for a minimum of 35 days.

HB 195 by Henderson.  CENTRAL WETLANDS.  Specifically identifies the Central Wetlands in Orleans and St. Bernard Parishes east of the Industrial Canal as a component of coastal wetlands subject to the coastal restoration and protection efforts and plans of the state.

HB 231 by Little, et al.  CROSSBOW TURKEY HUNTING.  Authorizes the use of a crossbow to take wild turkey during the turkey hunting season.

HB 233 by Gallot.  SEAFOOD PROMOTION BOARD.  Transfers the Louisiana Seafood & Promotion Board from the office of the secretary to the office of fisheries within the Louisiana department of Wildlife & Fisheries.

HB 234 by Dove, et al.  SCENIC RIVERS ACT.  Deletes the requirement for the scenic streams administrator to hold an adjudicatory in order to impose a penalty for violation of the state scenic streams act and makes other ?housekeeping adjustments to the law.

HB 235 by Champagne, et al.  BOATING/FLIGHT FROM AN OFFICER.  Includes operation of watercraft in the definition of the violation of flight from an officer and aggravated flight from an officer.

HB 236 by St. Germain, et al.  PERSONAL WATERCRAFT/OPERATOR AGE.  Prohibits persons less than 16 years of age from operating a personal watercraft.

HB 237 by St. Germaine, et al.  NONRESIDENT SALTWATER TRIP FISHING LICENSE.  Deletes the requirement of a basic fishing license in order for a nonresident to fish in the saltwater areas of the state with a temporary nonresident/trip fishing license (available for $17.50 per each day specified on the license).

HB 238 by Little, et al.  ENDANGERED PLANTS.  Makes vascular and nonvascular plants eligible for designation as threatened and endangered species under the authority of state law (R.S. 56: 1901-1905).

HB 247 by Labruzzo.  RENEWABLE ENERGY TAX CREDIT.  Similar to HB 86 but applies to the installation of renewable energy systems from sources in addition to wind and solar.

HB 298 by Baldone.  COMMERCIAL FISHING FEES.  Reduces all resident commercial fishing license fees by 50%.

HB 299 by St. Germain.  BAIT SHRIMP SEASON.  Increases the bait shrimp permit fee from $100 to $110 and modifies the authorization of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission to set a bait shrimp season from between the closed commercial shrimp seasons to a season that may commence as early as May 1st.

HB 303 by Greene.   ALTERNATIVE ENERGY TAX CREDIT.  Similar to HBs 32 & 85.

HB 387 by Richmond.  SEMI-AUTO ASSAULT WEAPON REGULATION.  Defines a variety of semi-automatic firearms as assault weapons and prohibits persons from possessing them without a permit after January 1, 2010; provides for permit requirements, fees and procedures; further prohibits possession of assault weapon conversion kits and large capacity magazines.

HB 395 by Cortez.  OILFIELD RESTORATION.  Authorizes the Oilfield Site Restoration Commission to issue revenue bonds for remediation and restoration of oilfield sites on state-owned lands and waterbottoms.  (WITHDRAWN)

HB 410 by B. Badon.  CRAWFISH PREDATOR CONTROL.  Authorizes the taking of raccoon, opossum, beaver or nutria consuming crawfish from private ponds by the owner or operator of the pond with a .22 caliber rifle, including from a boat or vehicle, at any time of day during the year.

HB 423 by Lambert.  ASCENSION PARISH/COASTAL ZONE.  Includes Ascension Parish within the state's coastal zone.

HB 424 by Pearson.  SALES TAX EXEMPTION/FUEL EFFICIENCY.  Authorizes an exemption from payment of state sales tax on the sale price of vehicles that are rated at 40 or more highway miles per gallon of fuel consumed.

HB 443 by Ernst & Murray.  BAYOU ST. JOHN.  Appropriates $675,000 from the state general fund for the removal of the dam on Bayou St. John at Robert E. Lee Blvd. in New Orleans City Park; appropriates an additional $100,000 to study the feasibility of keeping the flood protection gate on Bayou St. John open.

HB 451 by Foil.  BAYOU MANCHAC/SCENIC STREAM.  Adds Bayou Manchac, from the Amite River to the Mississippi River, to the waters designated as state historic and scenic streams.

HB 478 by Harrison.  TITLING OUTBOARDS.  Provides for the voluntary titling of outboard motors.

HB 515 by Henderson.  CENTRAL WETLANDS.  Establishes the Central Wetlands Stabilization and Preservation Fund and program.

HB 522 by B. Badon.  WILD DOLPHIN PRESTIGE PLATE.  Establishes the wild dolphin prestige vehicle license plate with the proceeds contributed to EarthEcho International, Incorporated for support of scientific research, conservation, and educational programs that serve to restore and protect the ocean environment and freshwater systems and to protect wild dolphins.

HB 529 by Chandler.  ABOLISH LWFC.  Proposed constitutional amendment to abolish the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission.

HB 542 by Labruzzo.  COMMERCIAL FISHING LICENSE PURCHASE.  Authorizes the purchase of various commercial fishing licenses with a credit card or business check.

HB 547 by Ponti.  WIND/SOLAR TAX CREDIT.  Provides for the transferability of wind and solar energy tax credits.

HB 550 by Ernst.  WIND/SOLAR TAX CREDIT.  Provides for a wind or solar energy systems tax credit for commercial or business property of 50% of up to the first $50,000 of investment in the system; increases the amount of the credit available to apartment project property.

HB 567 by Wooton.  SHRIMP FEES/DUMPING.  Extends and increases the special fee assessed on shrimp gear licenses for use in combating the ?dumping? of foreign shrimp in domestic markets.

HB 587 by Harrison.  OYSTER SEED GROUND PERMIT.  Revises the oyster seed ground vessel permit program and makes the owner of the vessel (permit holder) responsible for violations committed by anyone aboard the vessel.

HB 589 by Lambert.  SUSPENSION OF CHALLENGED DEQ PERMITS.  Authorizes the DEQ secretary to suspend permit provisions that have been challenged and are in trial or adjudication with the exception of permits for new sources/facilities.

HB 603 by Baldone.  COMMERCIAL FISHING LICENSE TAX CREDIT.  Provides for a state income tax credit of one-half the amount paid for commercial fishing licenses.

HB 613 by Armes, et al.  HUNTING SEASONS/LEGISLATIVE OVERSIGHT.  Required that the rulemaking for the setting of hunting seasons be subject to legislative oversight and deletes authorization for emergency rule-making pertaining to the setting of hunting seasons.

HB 624 by G. Jackson.  WASTE COOKING OIL/BIODIESEL PRODUCTION.  Provides for the collection and use of waste fats, oils, and grease in the manufacturing of biodiesel fuel in Louisiana.

HB 636 by Monica.  MANDATORY WATERCRAFT OPERATOR?S LICENSE/LIFE VEST REQUIREMENT.  Requires certificate of boating safety of anyone born after January 1, 1984 operating a watercraft powered by a motor of greater than 10 horsepower; prohibits operation of a watercraft with a suspended privilege to operate; requires all persons aboard a watercraft while underway to wear an approved life vest;  makes violation a Class 4; sets a default maximum watercraft operation speed of 40 miles per hour on  river, bayou, canal, creek, or stream, with exceptions for no-wake zones and for the Mississippi River, GIWW and MRGO.

HB 661 by Morris.  CABON DIOXIDE STORAGE.  Provides for policy and jurisdiction of the commissioner of conservation over the geologic storage and withdrawal of carbon dioxide including expropriation of private property for underground storage and withdrawal.

HB 702 by Dove.  PERMIT EXEMPTION/PIPELINE ARMORING.  Exempts from the requirement of a coastal use permit the use of articulated concrete mats to cover shallow or exposed pipelines that are 4 feet or more below the water surface; sets forth additional conditions/circumstances for the proposed exemption.

HB 742 by Schroder.  FUND RAID.  Proposes a constitutional amendment to increase from 5 to 10% the amount that can be taken from dedicated funds, based on the amount appropriated or allocated from those funds, in any fiscal year when the state is experiencing a budget deficit of 1% or more and the budget has already been reduced by .7%; such dedicated funds so taken will be available for purposes other than for which they are dedicated.  Same as SB 1.  (Note: in the current Fiscal Year, the existing allowance of a 5% reduction has resulted in a reduction of the Conservation Fund by $3,169,639.  An increase in allowable transfers to 10% will double the potential loss to the Conservation Fund.)

HB 743 by Anders.  STATE WATER POLICY TASK FORCE.  Establishes the State Water Management Policy Advisory Task Force and provides for its powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities.

HB 775 by Guinn.  LDWF RULEMAKING.  Deletes the 90-day requirement to respond to a petition for LDWF rulemaking; requires timely review of and response to such petition and places the burden for demonstrating need for the rule on the petitioner.  

HB 787 by Baldone, et al.  COASTAL AREA LEVEE DISTRICTS.  Grants powers to levee districts for a variety of land and water management purposes.

HB 802 by Fannin.  Fund Raid 2.  Authorizes and directs the transfer, in aggregate, of 24,378,056 to the state general fund from statutory and constitutional dedications, including the following funds/accounts in the following amounts: Conservation Fund- $3,169,639; Wildlife Habitat & Natural Heritage Trust- $65,014; LA Duck License Stamp and Print Fund- $21,825; Natural Heritage Account- $1,800; Louisiana Wild Turkey Stamp Fund- $3,743; Conservation of the Black Bear Account- $2,180; Derelict Crab Trap Removal Program Account- $1,981; Louisiana Environmental Education Fund- $45,987; Louisiana Alligator Resource Fund- $100,821; State Parks Improvement and Repair Fund- $332,673; Oilfield Site Restoration Fund- $277,388; Oil Spill Contingency Fund- $209,752; Seafood Promotion and Marketing Fund- $18,399; Fur & Alligator Education-Marketing Fund- $5,000; Reptile & Amphibian Research Fund- $380; Oyster Development Fund- $9,185; Shrimp Marketing & Promotion Account- $9,256; Public Oyster Seed Ground Development Account- $26,000; Shrimp Trade Petition Account- $13,400; Crab Promotion and Marketing Account- $250.

HB 829 BY Cortez.  WATER WELL REGISTRATION.  Transfers responsibilities relating to ground water resources and water well drillers/registration from Department of  transportation and Development, office of public works, to the office of conservation, Department of Natural Resources.

HB 833 by Dove, et al.  COASTAL PROTECTION & RESTORATION.  Consolidates hurricane protection, flood control, and coastal restoration responsibilities under the newly created Office of Hurricane Protection, Flood Control, and Coastal Restoration and clarifies authorities and responsibilities.

HB 836 by Dove.  DEQ/OIL SPILL RESPONSE.  Moves the office of the Louisiana oil spill coordinator from the office of the governor to the Dept. of Environmental Quality.

HB 842 by Baldone.  WETLANDS DISCOVERY CENTER.  Transfers the S. La. Wetlands Discovery Center and commission from the Dept. of State to the Governor's Office of Coastal Activities.

HB 850 by Richmond.  RENEWABLE ENERGY TAX CREDIT.  Provides for a renewable energy production tax credit; defines renewable energy sources and eligibility requirements.

HB 857 by Fannin.  FEDERAL STIMULUS APPROPRIATIONS.  Among other appropriations, allocates $11,817,051 to the Office of State Parks.

HB 858 by Ponti.  WIND/SOLAR TAX CREDIT.  Substitute for HB 547.

HB 881 by Fannin.  SUPPLEMENTAL APPROPRIATIONS.  Makes supplemental appropriations for FY 08/09 including: $900,000 to the DEQ Waste Tire Program; $134,347 to the LDWF Office of Management & Finance for salaries and benefits and $1,321,199 to the Enforcement Program for salaries and benefits.

HCR 49 by Richardson.  WATERCRAFT/PFDs.  Urges the LDWF to study the possibility of requiring all persons aboard a watercraft to wear personal flotation devices.

HCR 52 by St. Germain.  ATCHAFALAYA PLAN.  Approves the Annual Plan for the Atchafalaya Basin Program for FY 2009/10.

HCR 79 by Champagne.  BLACK DRUM PERMITS.  Urges the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to examine the efficacy and advisability of instituting a permit system for the taking of black drum to protect the species from overfishing. 

HCR 93 by Peterson.  CLIMATE CHANGE COMMISSION.  Establishes the Louisiana Climate Change Policy Commission to make recommendations on which to base the development of a comprehensive policy for the state on climate change, particularly addressing the areas of carbon sequestration; greenhouse gas reduction; diversification and improvement of energy systems; planning for design, land use, and economic development relative to climate change mitigation and environmental improvement; coordination of state and federal policies on climate change and report its findings to the Governor and Legislature prior to the 2010 Regular Session.

HCR 105 by Dove.  COASTAL ZONE PERMITS/PIPELINE MATS.  Requests the Dept. of Natural Resources, with assistance and input from the Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries, to study the issue of use of articulated concrete mats to protect underwater exposed or shallow pipelines in the coastal areas.         

HCR 109 BY Chandler.  WOOD TO POWER.  Urges support for funding for the development of two wood-to-energy production facilities in the state, including the application of tax benefits similar to what is offered for wind and solar power generation. 

HCR 117 by Mills.  HENDERSON GATEWAY TO THE ATCHAFALAYA BASIN.  Designates the town of Henderson as the Gateway to the Atchafalaya Basin.

HCR 148 by Baldone.  GULF HYPOXIA.  Memorialize Congress to act to address the problem of hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico.

HCR 150 by Richmond.  NEW ORLEANS ASSAULT WEAPON BAN.  Urges the New Orleans City Council to adopt an ordinance banning the possession and sale of assault weapons in the city of New Orleans.

HCR 200 by Hill.  BUNDICK?S LAKE.  Requests the Department of Transportation and Development and the Governor's Office of Coastal Activities to jointly develop policy proposals to be submitted to the legislature for reducing or eliminating flooding and for providing funding for these proposals to prevent continuous flooding of Bundicks Lake.

HCR 203 by Armes.  HUNTING DEER WITH DOGS ON KISATCHIE.  Memorializes the Louisiana congressional delegation and the United States Congress to take such actions as are necessary to preserve a decades-old tradition in Louisiana by continuing to allow the use of dogs to hunt deer in the Kisatchie National Forest.

HR 104 by Barrow.  GREEN ENERGY POLICY.  Urges the House Committee on Commerce to study the development of a green energy policy within the state of Louisiana.

HCR 205 by Baldone.  NATIONAL SALTWATER ANGLER REGISTRY.  Memorializes Congress to repeal the National Saltwater Angler Registry.   

HR 38 by St. Germain.  PETROCHEMICAL ENERGY.  Urges the DED and DNR to promote the clean use of alternative feedstock (such as coal, lignite, petroleum coke, residual oils, biomass, and other resources) by the petrochemical industry; to benchmark incentives for companies that could use alternative feedstock; and to provide a report with recommendations to the Legislature prior to the 2010 Regular Session.        

Senate Bills and Resolutions

SB 1 by Chaisson.  FUND RAID.  Proposes a constitutional amendment to increase from 5 to 10% the amount that can be taken from dedicated funds, based on the amount appropriated or allocated from those funds, in any fiscal year when the state is experiencing a budget deficit of 1% or more and the budget has already been reduced by .7%; such dedicated funds so taken will be available for purposes other than for which they are dedicated.  (Note: in the current Fiscal Year, the existing allowance of a 5% reduction has resulted in a reduction of the Conservation Fund by $3,169,639.  An increase in allowable transfers to 10% will double the potential loss to the Conservation Fund.)

SB 2 by Chaisson.  MORE FUND RAID.  Repeals the 5% limitation on cumulative dedicated fund reduction in any 2 consecutive years so that appropriation/allocation from those funds can be reduced each year by 5% (10% if the CA proposed by SB 1 is approved.)

SB 21 by Marionneaux.  STATE MINERAL REVENUE TO PARISHES, ATCHAFALAYA BASIN PROGRAM.  Constitutional amendment to increase the allocation of income to parishes from mineral production on state lands within each parish; dedicates up to $10 million per year of mineral revenue produced from state lands and waterbottoms in the Atchafalaya Basin to the Atchafalaya Basin Conservation Fund to be used to implement the water quality and public access features of the state?s master plan for the Atchafalaya Basin.

SB 26 by N. Gautreaux.  ALTERNATIVE FUEL VEHICLE TAX CREDIT.  Similar to HB 110.

SB 34 by Chaisson.  FUND RAID.   Enabling legislation for SB 1; also incorporates the provisions of SB 2 regarding removing the limitation on the cumulative depletion of dedicated funds and transfer to the state general fund. 

SB 41 by Dupre, et al.  MINERAL & ENERGY FUND.  Changes the name of the Mineral Resources Operation Fund to the Mineral and Energy Operation Fund and requires that the monies in the fund be appropriated to DNR for the administration and regulation of minerals, ground water and related energy activities.

SB 52 by Marionneaux.  SALES TAX HOLIDAY/FIREARMS & HUNTING GEAR.  Establishes the first full weekend of September as a state sales tax holiday for the purchase of firearms, ammunition and hunting gear during which time such items will be exempt from state sales tax collection.

SB 55 by Dupre, et al.  HUNTER CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENT/LICENSE VENDOR.  Modifies the statute requiring evidence of hunter safety certification in order for an authorized license vendor to lawfully sell a Louisiana hunting license to any person born on or after September 1, 1969 so that evidence of certification is not required to be presented by the license buyer; provides that no vendor shall knowingly issue such a license to a person, born on or after September 1, 1969 who has not satisfactorily completed a firearm and hunter education course taught or approved by the LDWF.

SB 91 by N. Gautreaux.  ALTERNATIVE ENERGY TAX CREDIT.  Provides for a transferable state income and corporation franchise tax credit of up to 25% of the cost (not to exceed $3,750,000) to owners of a "qualified energy resource" as defined by the Internal Revenue Code.

SB 92 by N. Gautreaux.  WIND-SOLAR ENERGY TAX CREDIT.  Extends existing wind/solar energy tax credit to commercial property owners and deletes current law prohibiting receiving other tax credits in order to claim the wind/solar tax credit.

SB 126 by Thompson, et al.  FERAL HOG CONTROL.  Prohibits the importation or release of feral hogs in the state and requires the transport of feral hogs within the state to be permitted by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries based on rules promulgated by the Wildlife & Fisheries Commission.

SB 140 by Riser.  CARELESS HANDLING OF HAZARDOUS MATERIAL.  Revises the current law regarding the careless handling of hazardous material and adds liability for the costs of emergency response.

SB 224 by N. Gautreaux.  SUSTAINABLE ENERGY DISTRICTS.  Authorizes creation of sustainable energy financing districts by local governmental subdivisions and provides for issuance of bonds and property assessment programs for solar and energy efficiency projects.

SB 225 by Morrish, et al.  CPRA/COASTAL PARISHES.  Authorizes the Coastal Protection & Restoration Authority to enter into agreements with coastal parishes to perform coastal protection and restoration functions.

SB 239 by Dupre, et al.  COMMERCIAL FISHING VESSELS LICENSE/TAX EXEMPTIONS.  Includes possession of a vessel license to qualify for certain exemptions from the state sales, use, lease, and services taxes, includes owners of vessels who are not operators of the vessels, and provides for certain commercial fishermen licenses.

SB 267 by Michot.  FUND RAID/PROGRAM SUNSET.  Abolishes  most funds dedicated by statute (such as the Duck Stamp Fund, Natural Heritage Trust Fund, Artificial Reef Fund, Oilfield Site Restoration Fund, Oil Spill Cleanup Fund, Environmental Trust Fund, etc.) and transfers the $ in them to the state general fund; allows the $ from such transferred funds (and any future $ generated by the fees and taxes imposed to support the programs the dedicated funds were originally established to support) to be appropriated by the Legislature for any purpose of state government; requires each program supported by such dedicated funds to report annually on the activities and accomplishments of the program and to be reviewed every 4 years and terminated if the Legislature determines that the program is no longer worthy of continuation.

SB 300 by Michot.  FUND RAID 2.  Same as HB 802.  

SB 332 by Evans.  GREEN BUILDING TAX CREDIT.  Provides for a green building tax credit for construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance of buildings meeting certain energy efficiency standards as determined by the Department of Natural Resources.

SCR 14 by Dupre, et al.  COASTAL RESTORATION/PROTECTION PLAN.  Approves annual Coastal Protection Plan for Fiscal Year 2009-2010, as adopted by the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.

SCR 20 by Morrish.  COASTAL SCIENCE.  expresses support for the Coastal Restoration and Enhancement Through Science and Technology Program for its role in providing new research and scientific information for coastal restoration and protection.

SCR 29 by Dupre.  SALTWATER RECREATIONAL FISHERIES TASK FORCE.  Continues the Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Task Force, adds a representative of the Department of Natural Resources and the Governor?s Office of Coastal Activities to the TF and requires the TF to report its findings to the Legislature prior to March 1, 2010.

SCR 34 by McPherson.  BIOFUEL PRODUCTION.  Urges the Governor to endorse the goal of producing 25% of the energy consumed in the US from biomass and biofuels produced on Farms, forestland and ranches in the US by the year 2025.

SCR 38 by Donahue.  SCENIC STREAM/BAYOU LIBERTY.  Nominates Bayou Liberty in St Tammany Parish for inclusion in the Louisiana Natural and Scenic Rivers System.

SCR 49 by Long.  WOOD TO ENERGY.  Similar to HCR 109.

SCR 52 by Dupre.  BOATING WEEK.  Designates May 16 through May 22, 2009, as "Safe Boating Week" in Louisiana.

SCR 60 by Dupre.  COASTAL ZONE BOUNDARY STUDY.  Urges the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority to conduct a science-based study of the adequacy of the inland boundary of the coastal zone of Louisiana and report its findings to the Legislature by March 1, 2010.

SCR 82 by Dupre.  FUNDING MARINE PATROL-LDWF.  Memorializes Congress to enact legislation and appropriate monies in order to provide additional homeland security funding for state maritime enforcement agencies.

SCR 110 by McPherson.  COMPLETE STREETS WORK GROUP.  Requests the DoTD to establish a Complete Streets Work Group to develop statewide policy on the design and construction of thoroughfares that maximizes use by all Louisianans whether they chose to bike, walk, ride transit, or drive a car.

SR 83 by Chaisson.  PETROCHEMICAL ENERGY.  Similar to HR 38.

SR 91 by Amedee.  CLIMATE CHANGE POLICY.   Memorializes Congress to address the issue of global climate change through the adoption of a fair and effective approach that safeguards American jobs, ensures affordable energy for citizens, and maintains America's global competitiveness.

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