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Get a Unique Poster of Louisiana Threatened and Endangered Species

November 1, 2010 12:00 AM

To raise awareness of the plight of Louisiana’s threatened and endangered species and concern for those species affected by the recent oil “spill,” a unique poster has been produced by award-winning print media designer, Binary and the Brain for the benefit of the Louisiana Wildlife Federation.  LWF has been engaged in responding to the wildlife impacts from the well blowout and now is focusing on advocating reparation for wildlife killed or displaced by the oil, and mitigation of impacts to habitat and loss of natural resource-related recreational opportunities.

The poster illustrates all 38 of the state’s most at-risk animals, some of which face extinction or have already vanished from the state.  The animals are arranged on the poster to create the shape of the effected coastline and form the word “Protect.”  All are numbered so each species can be identified in the list printed at the bottom.

All profits from the sale of these posters go directly to the Louisiana Wildlife Federation to help protect and conserve the endangered species.  Poster dimensions are 13.5" x 21".  It is printed on 100% recycled stock using environmentally friendly inks saving 81.56 lbs of wastewater flow and 136,000 BTUs of energy.  The poster sells for $15 plus shipping.  See for details on how to order.

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