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Constitutional Protection of the Artificial Reef Fund To Go Before Voters in 2014

June 24, 2013 10:00 AM

Thanks to Senator Bret Allain and 32 co-signers from the Louisiana House of Representatives, SB 128 passed out of the House and Senate without objection, meeting the required votes needed to bring it before Louisiana voters in November 2014. SB 128 proposes to amend the Louisiana Constitution to include the Artificial Reef Development Fund, giving it further protection. The language in the bill uses the same language in the current statute so the agreements and intention widely supported in the initial set-up of the Fund will continue.


This is great news! LWF's goal was to assure future donations to the Fund would be put toward the intended support of the Rigs-to-Reef program, fisheries enhancement and research, and seafood safety. We hope to see funds swept from the Fund in previous years returned and put to these uses. But this action adds greater assurances to donors to encourage their continued participation in the program.


Leading up to November 2014, LWF will continue to educate Louisiana citizens on the importance of this proposed constitutional amendment. You can help by talking to people about the Artificial Reef Development Fund and explaining that this is simply adding strength to its protection for intended use. We believe the voters will support it. We greatly appreciate Senator Allain's work to move this bill through the legislative process and to all those who communicated their support for protecting the Fund. The support from Louisiana Oil and Gas Association and CCA was crucial to passage.


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