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Celebrating its 55th year to recognize outstanding conservation in 2018, the annual Governor’s State Conservation Achievement Awards program is hosted by the Louisiana Wildlife Federation and the awards are presented jointly with the National Wildlife Federation. The Governor’s Award is presented annually to the person or organization deemed to have made the most outstanding contribution toward the protection, wise use and enjoyment of Louisiana’s natural resources among nominees submitted by the public. This program promotes volunteer and professional excellence in conservation work in Louisiana through recognition. The selection for this and eight other awards was made by a panel of independent judges with expertise in a wide range of conservation fields. Nominations for recognition in 2018 are solicited from the public in 8 categories and the Governor's Award is selected from among the winners of each category. Nominations open in December of each year. The program rules and nomination form are posted on the LWF website and are available from the LWF office (225/344-6707) when nominations are accepted.

54th Governor State Conservation Achievement Awards Receipients, 2017
54th Governor State Conservation Achievement Awards Receipients, 2017

Award Categories

Unique to the program: Beautiful statuettes featuring America's wildlife
Unique to the program: Beautiful statuettes featuring America's wildlife

Governor's Award

For outstanding overall conservation achievement. The Governor’s Award recipient is selected by the judging committee from among the category winners. Nominations are not accepted for this award.



For outstanding accomplishments by a person who, in a compensated professional capacity, has made a significant contribution to the management, enhancement, or protection of Louisiana’s fish, wildlife, air, water, soil or forest resources, or related recreational opportunities.



For outstanding achievement during the year in the management, enhancement, or protection of Louisiana’s fish, wildlife, air, water, soil or forest resources or related recreational opportunities by a person acting in a volunteer capacity.



For outstanding conservation work by a youngster (18 years of age or younger) or youth group. The winner should have demonstrated leadership and accomplishment in any phase of conservation.



For significant achievement by a business in pollution abatement, land use planning and management, conservation education/awareness, habitat stewardship including providing lands for wildlife conservation and public recreation, etc. (This category is to honor a company, not an individual person.)



For outstanding performance in conservation education by a professional or volunteer. Instructors of hunter safety and outdoor ethics are eligible in this category as are teachers of the natural sciences, fish and wildlife management, environmental design and management, various aspects of environmental education, etc. Emphasis should be on teaching and working with students or the public rather than on research or administration.


Elected Official

For outstanding conservation achievement by a local, state or federal elected official. All Louisiana elected officials, except the Governor, are eligible in this category.



For outstanding work by a writer, reporter, radio or TV broadcaster, photographer, artist, cartoonist, radio or TV station, newspaper, website or other publication in creating public awareness of the importance of environmental quality and natural resource conservation or making a significant contribution toward the solution of a major conservation problem in the state.



For outstanding conservation achievement by a state or local organization, including but not limited to civic organizations, environmental groups, sportsmen’s clubs, garden clubs, etc., in addressing significant natural resource management and environmental quality challenges. In special cases where government agencies or institutions have accomplished extraordinary work above and beyond their normal responsibilities, such organizations will be given consideration for

Program Rules and Procedures for 55th Annual Governor’s State Conservation Achievement Awards

1) Winners may not be named in every category. Recognition will be based primarily on accomplishments during 2018. Prior records may be considered, but this will be left up to the judges. Immediate past winners are not eligible to succeed themselves in the same category of accomplishment for which they were recognized the previous year.

2)  Nominations may be hand-delivered or sent by USPS mail or other delivery service to the Louisiana Wildlife Federation at the address on the nomination form by the deadline of March 4, 2019.  Nominations may are submitted via the LWF website at

3) An essay of achievements should be attached to the nomination form for the nominee. The essay should describe the nominee’s accomplishments in 2018 (and previous years if relevant), including A) an explanation of their significance or impact and B) why the nominee’s accomplishments are important and worthy of recognition. The essay is required and should not exceed 3 single-spaced typed pages.  Information such as past recognition, organization memberships, etc. may be appended to the essay.  Documentation of accomplishments such as news articles, letters of support, photos, etc. should be included as a supplement to the essay. If a nomination is submitted for more than one category, a separate nomination form and complete essay must be submitted for each category entered. If available, please include a photograph of the nominee with the nomination and email to

4) Nominations that do not meet all standards and criteria will be returned to sender to be resubmitted with appropriate additions/modifications. Program judges may declare any nomination ineligible if proper documentation and supportive materials are not included. The decision of the judging committees will be final.