Other Ways to Support

Want to Sponsor this year's Award Banquet?

To get more information on how to volunteer, call 225-344-6707 or email lwf@lawildlifefed.org

Planning For The Future?

Leave a Legacy Gift for Louisiana’s Wildlife and Natural Resources.

Ways You Can Leave a Legacy Gift :

Gifts in your will : You can leave a gift to LWF by bequest in your will or trust.Bequests are one of the most popular options for creating a legacy because they are so flexible.

Gifts by IRA Distribution : If you qualify for mandatory IRA distributions, donations to a nonprofit organization can be beneficial.Name LWF as your recipient for tax - free distribution option.

Gifts by Beneficiary Designation : Many assets transfer by beneficiary designation form you completed when you established your account, rather than through your will or trust.To name LWF as a beneficiary, please use our legal name, Louisiana Wildlife Federation, Inc.and our federal tax identification number(72 - 0445638).

Contact Nicole Falkenheiner

Ordering LWF Merchandise from Land’s End

You may now order items with the LWF logo on our Land's End website at http://business.landsend.com/store/lwf

To Place an Order:

  • Select a product 
  • Select color/size then click "Apply Logo"
  • Click on the LWF logo (it will then appear on the color box on the left)
  •   Note: You may also adjust the colors by clicking "Change Logo Colors" 
                When you select a different color for any part of the logo, the
               change will appear in the logo preview box. 
  • Select location on shirt where you want the logo to appear
  • Click "Apply Logo"
  • Preview your selections then click "Add to Bag"
  • A popup will appear with your order details
  • You can then click "Continue Shopping" or "Proceed to Checkout"

**As a side note, I tested out the process to make sure everything works properly and noticed that for certain material (mainly certain sweaters/thermal jackets) there is a back stitch on the words "Louisiana Wildlife Federation". The computer shows when this back stitch will be needed (it will show up in the logo preview), but it only shows it in a gray color. I called Land's End to be sure that it won't be noticeable and they said that it will actually stitch the same color that you select for the product, so it won't look different as it seems on the computer. This is for very few items though, but just keep that in mind. 

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