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Help LWF maintain a strong voice for conservation in Louisiana. We are working to restore sustainability to Louisiana's coast, protect habitat for wildlife, and assure public access for outdoor recreation among other efforts. For 80 years, LWF has offered citizens a voice in the decision making process to protect wildlife and restore habitat. There is strength in numbers and you can support LWF's work with your membership.

Planning For The Future?

Leave a Legacy Gift for Louisiana’s Wildlife and Natural Resources.

Ways You Can Leave a Legacy Gift :

Gifts in your will : You can leave a gift to LWF by bequest in your will or trust.Bequests are one of the most popular options for creating a legacy because they are so flexible.

Gifts by IRA Distribution : If you qualify for mandatory IRA distributions, donations to a nonprofit organization can be beneficial.Name LWF as your recipient for tax - free distribution option.

Gifts by Beneficiary Designation : Many assets transfer by beneficiary designation form you completed when you established your account, rather than through your will or trust.To name LWF as a beneficiary, please use our legal name, Louisiana Wildlife Federation, Inc.and our federal tax identification number(72 - 0445638).

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