A Call for an Evaluation of Nutrient Enrichment Effects of Mississippi River Diversion Projects

WHEREAS, the Louisiana Wildlife Federation supports and promotes the preservation and restoration of Louisiana’s deteriorating wetlands, and

WHEREAS, river diversions are used to preserve or enhance deteriorating wetlands, and

WHEREAS, there is considerable planning for future Mississippi River diversions, and

WHEREAS, there are substantial differences among the various types and unique characteristics of wetlands, and

WHEREAS, nutrient enrichment can accelerate the decomposition of organic soils, and

WHEREAS, the threshold at which wetlands are threatened by nutrient enrichment is poorly understood, and

WHEREAS, up until recently, the discussion regarding the details of these complicated issues has remained within a relatively small group of scientists and policy makers, and

WHEREAS, an expansion of this discussion will encourage and foster better research, decision making, access to more resources and greater involvement of the public, and

WHEREAS, the ultimate goal will be to provide a better foundation for making sound and realistic decisions regarding the preservation and restoration of Louisiana’s deteriorating wetlands.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Louisiana Wildlife Federation (LWF) call for a quantitative evaluation of the effects of nutrient enrichment of Mississippi River diversion projects.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the LWF advocate and support a comprehensive and integrated approach for the selection, evaluation and management of Mississippi River diversions.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the LWF participate in and encourage other groups, organizations, agencies, and institutions to participate in the sponsorship of workshops and meetings that broaden and continue this discussion.

Adopted by the Louisiana Wildlife Federation in Convention Assembled, March 20, 2011 in Alexandria, Louisiana

Resolution #:15E, 2011
Date Proposed:03/20/2011
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