Reaffirming Support for the Land and Water Conservation Fund

WHEREAS, the Land and Water Conservation Fund was created by Congress in 1964 to provide an enduring legacy for outdoor recreation in the United States; and

WHEREAS, the Land and Water Conservation Fund has helped to create thousands of public areas for Americans to hunt, fish, and engage in other outdoor recreation activities, including over 700 state and local projects in Louisiana; and

WHEREAS, the Fund has also helped create, expand, and enhance 12 of the 23 National Wildlife Refuges in Louisiana, along with 2 National Historical Parks; and

WHEREAS, all of these areas, from local ballfields to National Parks, have improved the quality of life for Louisiana’s residents, as well as billions of dollars in direct and indirect revenues from sales of outdoor gear for hunting, fishing, birdwatching, and other activities, along with the jobs connected to the outdoor recreation industry; and

WHEREAS, while the Fund’s revenues come primarily from offshore oil production revenues and not tax dollars, and are authorized at an amount up to $900 million a year, the Congress has often diverted these funds for other purposes, rather than their intended use to help acquire and improve public lands and waters for outdoor recreation; and

WHEREAS, the areas protected by the Fund for outdoor recreation also have additional benefits from providing wildlife habitat, improving air and water quality, and aiding flood control and coastal restoration; and

WHEREAS, the Louisiana Wildlife Federation expressed its support for the Land and Water Conservation Fund in 2004 and urged the Louisiana Congressional Delegation to work for full funding of this landmark conservation law.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Louisiana Wildlife Federation hereby reaffirms its support for continuation of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, including its reauthorization and full funding, and urges the Louisiana Congressional Delegation to work for those goals.

Submitted By: John Miller, District 6 At-large Director
LWF Committee: Habitat Conservation and Management
Resolution #:8B, 2017
Date Proposed:08/19/2017
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