State Acquisition of Elmer’s Island

WHEREAS, for many decades, “Elmer’s Island”, located on the Louisiana Gulf Coast near Grand Isle, has been a popular fishing and camping destination for both Louisiana citizens and out-ofstate tourists, and

WHEREAS, the popularity of Louisiana’s excellent recreational saltwater angling has been steadily increasing in recent years, attracting people from all over Louisiana and the nation, and

WHEREAS, the nature and geography of Louisiana’s coast provides for a very limited number of places where people can access good marsh and coastal fishing areas without the aid of a boat, and

WHEREAS, many people who are not able to fish from a boat due to physical impairments have traveled to “Elmer’s Island” because it’s a place where they can drive right up to good fishing spots and fish without venturing very far from their vehicle, and

WHEREAS, “Elmer’s Island” has recently been closed and is being advertised for sale by the owners of the property, and

WHEREAS, the closing of “Elmer’s Island” will have a negative impact on both local and state economies, and

WHEREAS, the acquisition and dedication of Elmer’s Island as a public recreation area by the state would avoid potential future litigation and conflicts with private owners over state and federally sponsored coastal restoration work that may impact the area, would preclude future attempts to develop the area with projects that are incompatible with the conservation of coastal wetlands and beaches, and would preserve this traditional family fishing and camping area for public use and enjoyment.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Louisiana Wildlife Federation urges the State of Louisiana to acquire the area known as “Elmer’s Island” on the Louisiana Gulf Coast, west of and adjacent to Caminada Pass across from Grand Isle, and dedicate it to fish and wildlife conservation and compatible public outdoor recreational uses.

Adopted by the Louisiana Wildlife Federation in convention assembled, 3 March 2002, in Marksville, Louisiana.

Resolution #:14D, 2002
Date Proposed:03/03/2002
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