WHEREAS, in 2013 LWF passed Resolution 1A “Enhanced Commercial Harvest and Marketing of Asian Carp in Louisiana”, and

WHEREAS, the harvest enhancement for human consumption recommended by this resolution has not been effective in reducing the populations of these invasive species, and

WHEREAS, in 2014 The National Wildlife Federation passed a resolution to ‘Support Ecosystem Based Management of Forage Fish,’ and

WHEREAS, this resolution expresses concern with overexploitation of marine forage species processed primarily for animal feeds and nutritional supplements, and the impact at the ecosystem level, and

WHEREAS, Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIU-C) has investigated using Asian carp to make fish meal and testing has shown that feed based on carp meal is comparable to feed made with fish meal from menhaden (the feed industry standard) in palatability, digestibility, and utilization when fed to rainbow trout and hybrid striped bass, and

WHEREAS, preliminary SIU-C research indicates that Asian carp meals will need additional stabilizers to increase shelf life, and

WHEREAS, substituting Asian carp meals for those from marine forage species sources will potentially develop a market demand for Asian carps, reducing the impacts of these invasive species, while at the same time reducing the demand and potential for overexploitation of important marine forage stocks,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Louisiana Wildlife Federation (LWF) supports efforts to develop markets for Asian carp based fish meal and urges Federal and State Agencies, as well as Regional Fishery Management Councils to implement policies supporting further research and encouraging the development of industrial usage of Asian carps as a source of fish meal, to include making funding available, if necessary.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that LWF encourages substitution of Asian carps for other native fishes in such products as pet foods, crawfish trap bait, etc. whenever and wherever possible, in order to build a market value for these invasive fishes, with the goal of reducing their impact on our ecosystems.

Adopted by the Louisiana Wildlife Federation in Convention Assembled, August 16, 2014 in West Monroe, Louisiana.

The Louisiana Wildlife Federation is a statewide conservation education and advocacy organization with more than 9,900 members and 24 affiliate groups. Established in 1940, it is affiliated with the National Wildlife Federation and represents a broad constituency of conservationists including hunters, fishers, campers, birders, boaters, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Resolution #:1A, 2014
Date Proposed:
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