The Louisiana Wildlife Federation held its 79th Annual Convention on August 17-18, 2018 at the Raddisson Hotel  in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. On Friday evening, we welcomed our members and guests with an with an informal social gathering featuring snacks and drinks at our Hospitality Suite.

Saturday’s board of director’s luncheon featured a presentation by Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Secretary, Chuck Carr Brown, PhD while members and guest enjoyed a delicious lunch. The luncheon also included election of LWF officers and executive committee, representative to NWF and alternate representative.

LDEQ’s Secretary, Chuck Carr Brown, presenting at LWF’s luncheon.

Saturday’s main order of business was the convening of the Conservation Committee and General Assembly to consider and debate resolutions that establish the policy for LWF work on conservation issues. Here are the resolutions approved:

Resolution 2F, 2018: Request that CWPPRA Task Force and CPRA Ensure WVA and its Variables Use Best Available Science in Evaluations of Projects

LWF requests that the CWPPRA Task Force and the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority that the Wetlands Value Assessment (WVA) used to evaluate coastal restoration projects under the CWPPRA program be revised to include recommendations provided under United States Army Corp of Engineer’s Planning Models Improvement Program as indicated in the independent peer review of the WVA (Batelle 2010). In addition, LWF requests that it is ensured that the CWPPRA Environmental Workgroup utilize the best science during their analysis of the varying project types.

Resolution 5F, 2018: Creation of State Wanton Waste Regulations for Waterfowl and Other Wild Game, Including Littering Infractions

LWF urges the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries in cooperation with the Louisiana State Legislature to develop a state specific waterfowl regulation statute, with enforceable penalties, to include “wanton waste” infractions for “breasting” migratory birds and discarding remaining edible parts of Federally managed game birds.

Resolution 6F, 2018: Evaluation of a September Feral Canada Goose Season in Louisiana

LWF requests the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to evaluate the possibilities for a feral Canada Goose hunting season in September of each calendar year due to burgeoned Canada Goose populations.

Resolution 7F, 2018: Scenic Rivers Recreation and Accessibility

LWF supports the Louisiana Natural and Scenic Rivers System and endorses the idea that public support for scenic rivers will increase if the potential for access and recreational use of the streams are improved. Therefore, LWF urges Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF), Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LDOT), and local governments throughout the state to cooperate for the creation and maintenance of designated access points for selected scenic rivers that offer recreational paddling and fishing opportunities.

Resolution 8F, 2018: LWF Reaffirms Support for the Louisiana Natural and Scenic Rivers System

LWF reaffirms its support for the Louisiana Natural and Scenic Rivers System and the many benefits to people and wildlife that a designated scenic river provides, including flood prevention in addition to natural, scenic, habitat, and recreational values. Therefore, LWF urges the State and local governments to refrain from damaging the natural and scenic values of rivers by approving projects that could worsen downstream flooding in future abnormal rain events.

Our Sponsors:

National Wildlife Federation, Fred Borel, Barney Callahan, Paul Coreil, Francis Gautreux, John P. Miller, Clint and Virginia Mouser, Ryan and Kaima Schaefer.

Thank you for your contributions in honor of LWF’s 79th Annual Convention.

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