LWF Presents Commendation to CPRA at March Meeting

Louisiana Wildlife Federation recently presented a plaque to commend the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) for their work to update the Coastal Master Plan 2023, which will be presented for final approval by the Louisiana Legislature.

CPRA Executive Director Bren Haase received the plaque on CPRA’s behalf.

At CPRA’s March meeting, LWF Executive Director Rebecca Triche presented the plaque on behalf of LWF’s leadership to express appreciation for CPRA’s work that has garnered international recognition for coastal planning. The increasing number of projects being approved, designed, and built demonstrates CPRA’s good work, she noted.

Dr. Robert “Bob” Stewart, Jr, LWF board member and past president who drafted LWF’s statement, also commented that past members of the Governor’s Advisory Commission for Coastal Protection, Restoration and Conservation provided crucial support for resources to get Louisiana where it is today and LWF wanted to recognize the work of so many over decades leading to this point. Of note, the Coastal Annual Plan for Fiscal Year 2023 is the largest one-year budget so far, exceeding $1 billion in spending for coastal protection and restoration projects across the coast.

You can read LWF’s resolution on our website.

Commendation For The Coastal Protection And Restoration Authority

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