Two Louisianans Win Prestigious National Awards 

Two Louisianans, LWF Board Member Marty Floyd and owner of Cajun Fishing Adventures Ryan Lambert, were honored in Washington last week during the National Wildlife Federation’s 88th Annual National Convention.

Marty received NWF’s Volunteer of the Year award for his years of tireless conservation efforts throughout our state.

He was recognized for his work with the federal Natural Resources Conservation Service where he focused on coastal restoration and protection policy and projects.

“After a long career supporting wildlife in Louisiana, Marty’s impact only continues to grow,” O’Mara said in the announcement. “His ongoing efforts to study bird and butterfly populations has made an enormous contribution to citizen science on the Gulf coast, and his deep support of the Tunica-Biloxi tribe demonstrates a genuine appreciation of the tribe’s culture and historic relationship with local wildlife.”

Ryan received NWF’s Conservation Leadership Award.

His recovery from the ravages of Hurricane Katrina launched him into a plan to help restore the vanishing marshes east of the Mississippi River. The NWF identified him as “a champion of coastal restoration in the Mississippi River Delta,” in his efforts to restore more than 2,000 acres of marshes near Buras.

“Ryan’s impact on coastal Louisiana is truly unmatched,” NWF president Collin O’Mara said. “Whether speaking to Congress or leading boat tours through the bayou, he’s been a tireless advocate for one of the most unique ecosystems in the country. His expertise and deep passion has made him an ideal spokesman for conservation efforts, offering an example that advocates nationwide can follow.”

Congratulations to both of these Conservation Champions! Thank you for all you do for the Sportsman’s Paradise.

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