LA Camo Coalition

The Louisiana Camouflage Coalition offers sportsmen and women the opportunity to send information and opinions on issues important to hunters and anglers to decision-makers at the local, state and federal level. The major initiative of the coalition is coastal restoration.

Louisiana loses the size of a football field of wetlands every hour to open water. Many people have heard that statistic and the comment that a comprehensive approach is needed for a complex problem. With the State’s Coastal Master Plan in place, planning and projects are moving forward. Since 2007, Louisiana has put more than $21 billion to work towards restoring and protecting its coast. The settlement with BP will also contribute nearly $7 billion more to coastal restoration and protection of coastal communities.

By dredging the Mississippi River with 9 active dredges, 157 million cubic yards of fill material has been placed to build marsh where there was previously open water. In total, more than 48,894 acres of land have benefited, with 120 active projects. See below to read highlights of some of our efforts.

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