The “One Lake” project proposes to dam the Pearl River near Jackson, Mississippi, to create a 1,500-acre lake
and develop residences and structures along the lake. This destructive, ill-conceived project poses many threats to our environment, local/downstream communities and businesses, and the economy.  The draft study lacks technical details and raises more questions than answers.  The process has not followed all required federal laws and has failed to meaningfully engage the public and concerned stakeholders.

This project proposes to build a dam along the river for waterfront development and (questionable) flood protection benefits, but it would also destroy thousands of acres of wildlife habitat and alter the hydrology of the river and its estuary. For all of the negative impacts in Mississippi, the project may also have significant downstream impacts in Louisiana, jeopardizing coastal restoration efforts. One Lake would reduce the freshwater flow into Mississippi Sound and the Gulf, altering the hydrology of the entire downstream ecosystem, however, despite multiple requests, no formal assessment of downstream impacts has been conducted. Coastal projects, like oyster reef restoration in Biloxi Marsh, could be at risk. The impacts are so potentially dire, the Louisiana Legislature passed a resolution opposing the project and resolutions opposing the project were also passed by the downstream Louisiana communities of Slidell, Bogalusa, Pearl River, and St. Tammany and Washington Parishes.

To learn more about this project and its negative impacts click here to download the full letter.

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